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I'm writing: The Dom Chronicles

This is the view out of the bay window in my office. It’s the place I turn to when I’m dreaming up my next words for...

The Dom Chronicles

Here is the blurb:

Ms. Penelope Andue is an aspiring social media personality looking for an edge.

Mr. Gates Mettle is a successful man with an edge honed to a lifestyle that helps to grow his flourishing business.

Penelope, (Pan), needs wisdom and his slightly older audience to gain serious traction with her social media climb.

Gates needs Pan’s slightly younger perspective and more online present demographic to expand his already kickass Podcasts.

The plan was simple. A marriage of social media pairing that would create a solid presence for both, while cutting the workload in half for each of them as they seek to seize their respective goals.


Until his wisdom and her younger perspective fall in lust with a concept that crashes when it comes together, causing a sexual awakening that amazes the younger perspective in her, while reinvigorating his previously comfortable wisdom.

While she chases the new adrenaline rush to push boundaries — Gates is gaining insight and a broader sense of power within the exchange realm that has fired up his want to possess.

It’s a tough balancing act. Especially when their social media endeavor goes viral. While Gates is fighting to keep ahead of the wave of success, Pan is on a journey of self-discovery that is testing the perimeters of a D/s relationship like a raptor against a non-electrified fence.

Wanna read a snippet?

This is Penelope and Gates in The Dom Chronicles. They are doing a series of interviews (soon-to-be-published) about his Dom lifestyle.

Gates has just uttered the best speech of caution to Pan about his kind of intimate relationship needs. Seriously, the list made me sit up straighter, and this is how the dialogue unfolds to end after it. (No worries, you’ll be able to read the smexxy speech in the book when I publish it), but this will give you an idea about their interview exchanges. I’ve mentioned before that some of them are epic. Ha ha!

Here's the setup. They are in his office late one evening. She’s shown up there, despite the fact he told her not to. His mood isn't the best that’s why she got that big caution lecture from him. Here’s what followed those words.

“There. You’ve heard what I've had to say. Are you going to deny that you’re turned on?”

Actually? “No.”

“You’re a woman who takes risks.”

“I’m a lady who trusts,” I corrected.

“Only a fool would trust a man who was broken in the night. So many variables to the mood.”

“A Dom is supposed to be self contained and in control of his emotions at all times.”

“A Dom, yes, but we are speaking of the man in him. That beast channels the heart of male reason and constructs a journey to heaven through the hell he uses to create distance. With the beautiful woman he’s chosen as his guide, it would make the midnight hour unpredictable and dangerous for both of them.”

I had to reach deep to find the strength of my voice to remind him, when I whispered,

Them? What happened to the reference of us?”

This was the reason I’d come here against his wishes.

He gave me a speculative look that served me notice and then he asked, “How well would you listen to instruction from a hard man, desolate from the challenging day he was still wrestling with? Would you hear the part of the man in him who wants to take from you, who needs this way of things so he’s filled up for a night of self-recovery?”

I was sure he didn’t want an answer…yet.

“Let’s speak of us. It’s me, Pan, who’s had a long journey and I’m cold and empty. I want too much without giving. I don’t think you’ve lived long enough or experienced enough to know how important the need is to fill.”

I found myself nodding. He was right. I was young and the words he’d said may have seemed edgy and provoking, but what of the naked truth of the man who spoke of a kind of support that was as thrilling for a woman to give as it was daunting.

“Age and experience have nothing to do with wanting to fulfill the need of a person you’ve chosen to respect above all others. I find the idea inspiring. I’m not sure why. Maybe we all need boundaries— fences to hold us up when we’ve be clawed through to empty. Of course we’d be looking to be filled up once more, and if that hard man were mine, I’d expect it would be the fence in my yard shoring him up.” I held his gaze and waited a quiet second before I shared my naked truth. “He’d be the boundary I’d set for my home.”

Gates leaned back against the concrete office wall as though it was the fence. He continued to eye me, but his look was less intense. Had it softened?

“Maybe I was wrong, you have lived long enough, Tiny. Maybe…”

“Yes?” I sat forward, encouraged by his comment.

“I do need that fence tonight.” Another warning. “You speak of him.” Gates came forward, away from the wall, and asked in a tone that gave me momentary pause, “What happened to the reference of me?”

“How well would you listen to the whispers from a soft woman, ready to share her strength? Would you hear the part of the female in her who wants to give you all that you’ll take until you’ve recovered?” A smile lingered on my lips. I knew it. I also knew he’d see it. This was okay. It felt right, until he smiled back.

Now that feeling of rightness in me? It was something too big to name and that’s when I knew my need to take would be as great as his when the moment called.

“You, Pan, are a kamikaze risk taker.”

I cocked my head to one side before I answered, “No, I’m simply a woman who wants to be the raging fire that invites you in from your storm and gives you something better to battle. Could be fun, right?”

“Fun?” He stepped closer when he repeated the word and it was the first time since I’d barged in on him, that I felt like being careful. His expression was the most interesting mix of sexy-scary to come full-force at me. Sure, in the movies I’d seen heroines inspire this sort of dark intensity from their anti-heroes, but they usually wound up dead.

“Hey, are you alright?”


Oh no, we weren’t going back to that. I held up a hand and scowled right into his hot glare. “Hang on. I haven’t agreed to—”

“Say it, Pan. Now that you’re here, I want to hear that soft whisper from you tonight.”

He made it sound so tempting. His tone matched his gaze. Scorching. Sexy. Impossibly appealing. It was too bad that I wasn’t ready to give up this powerful relationship ground just yet. “I don’t think I should—”

He bent down and spoke against my ear, “Come on little risk taker.” I closed my eyes and let the chills and tingles that invite created, ride me. “I’m listening. Let’s burn the place down. A raging fire could be fun, right?”

(End of snippet)

This book is very dialogue heavy.

*Holds up hands*

Okay, okay, you caught me, but in my defense these guys do this for a living in bookland and they are really good at it. Anyways, after reading this through I noticed there’s not a lot of scene/background anchoring. I double checked. Not one mention of a chair or a table so I'm just going to have to say, you need to trust me. The scene is very well grounded in its entirety. There's no need to worry. I mean, for a minute there I was and that’s why I mentioned it. I shall also mention the previous male tirade that comes before this scene - by way of a chilling calmness - is really all a reader will focus on. :) Actually the lecture reminded me of this one of Gunn's in STARE HER DOWN.

Aw...I miss Gunn! This isn’t historical. The story is set in modern day. He’s a scientist that is spooky smart with quantum crap. They call him a Viking because he’s Swedish and he’s built like one of the warriors of old. He has some throwback chivalry too. You gotta love that.

But back to The Dom Chronicles. I think poor Pan is in for a sizzling good time after pushing Gates’ fence, don’t you?

*Looks right at you*

Don’t blame me. I told her to stay home. Did she listen? Nope.


As always, thanks for stopping by!


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