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Questioning the Alpha male

This is a little snippet of my current WIP. Pan (Penelope) and Gates are having a fun time together. This means that I'm having a great time inking their story. Man, I love their banter. In the excerpt below they just came to the conclusion that Pan may be able to keep up with him verbally, but she needs a lesson in an Alpha male mindset in order to get ahead.


This is her reply when she tries to be funny.


“Sass? Bummer, I thought your possible date interest was because of how poorly I was doing with this interview. Men like women who need help.”

He grinned. “Your poor performance in anything I’d require from you would be the last thing to draw favorable attentions from me. There’s nothing smart in helpless.”

“Aw…you hate the damsel in distress I take it.”

His eyes twinkled. Damn it all to hell. His gaze shined in a way that invited the woman in me to come closer.

“Not at all." He beamed. "I like the damsel concept providing I’m causing the distress.”

(End of excerpt)

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