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Space teaser for Wyntar Goaldawn Seizeon
The Lost Crystal is the Space Fleet Commander and his Tinkerbell's

The space fleet commander thought he knew everything there was to know about his Tinkerbell AI. It was enough to cause him to decide on a commitment with her. Only, before they got a chance at a happily ever after, she was ripped out of his reality and put into one he little understood. If not for the team of renegade fliers who picked him up after the tragedy, he would have been at a complete loss.


Now, as they made their way to the center E to retrieve her, he’s given a chance to learn about the reality she’d been living in. The separation also affords him an opportunity to see a new side to the woman he wanted and once he does, he’s ready to commit to her all over again.




He’s discovered his tough-as-nails Tinkerbell has a softness, a strength, and a sense of humor that reaches back to a time where he remembers the truth.

They were a couple before.

What had happened--her taken away--wasn’t by chance. Nor was it a fortuitous accident that they'd come together in the first place. It was time, dimensions, predetermined destiny from ages past that rose up, came forward, and was now carrying them all to an unfractured reality where every one of the ages would finally have a place to exist together.

All he had to do to cement the deal was to reach her and make her his once more. He’d forget about the few stumbling blocks they’d tripped over along the way which changed certain dynamics.

A reversal of fortunes.

He shrugged it off. Let her be the rich one for a change.

A down grade in command? This one was hard to take, but she’d earned the superior position over him after the way she’d handled things on the E.

The real kicker? She was no longer his alone.

The entire universe knew about her, her situation, and what he was prepared to do about it.

Fortunately, he had a little bit of ancient help in that department.

A previous covenant that no one could change, alter, or take from them.

He’d make sure of it.

Now that they were both in solid cabinets again, it was going to be interesting and the people who had succeeded in keeping them apart through the centuries were going to pay for what they’d done.

“Ah, commander? We have a problem here.”

He turned his attention to the wisecracker who was far too serious for his liking. “What is it?”

“People are gifting her from outside the E. She’s ah…”

“I know. I’ve already done the math. She’s well beyond me in wealth.”

“No, ah, it’s worse than that. Much worse.”

(This could be the end of the excerpt)

***I feel like I should cue the “Dum, da, da, dum” music here***


(But, nope. If you want to read the rest of this snippet just click the 'read more' to download find out why it’s worse.)



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