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What is Author Riley Murphy Doing Today?


I am wrestling the rights of some projects to get them back into the fold.

I’m negotiating a deal that may make me smile VERY big.

I’m doing laundry. <- Yeah, don’t ask, but I will tell you that I’m looking for some form of birth control for the baskets. Those clothes items multiply faster than rabbits! Sheesh!

And? *insert drum roll here*

I am writing a rhyming book on mucus. Better known as the very jazzy booger or the dusty snotty.


I can honestly say, that I never thought I’d have a to-do list that looked like this. From the first item to the last? Hilarious. Meh, it shows my range as a working author, right?

Speaking of that, the working title for this children’s book is:



This is a sample of my little tale with an important - but sneaky - health moral to it.

Today the air is very dry,

That’s why it came out with barely a try.

One hard and crusty friend of mine,

Without the usual slimy shine.

*Looks right at you*

It gets better – the kids will love it. Gross and informative. That’s what I live for as a Mom and Grandma. 😉

Oh, and before I go to polish this proboscis masterpiece, I’m giving a personal shout out to one of my freelance clients. I know you said you wanted to read everything I’d ever written, BUT this one you may want to skip. Trust me. The stanzas are too classy for you, man. Check it out.

"Now who’s gross spreading booger glue?

Making people have to break the page in two."

“I do no damage when I mine for gold.”

“Yeah, if I hadn’t showed up you’d be digging for another load.”

Hehe! I can’t wait to see the graphics on this one...

As always, thanks for stopping by!


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