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A Hero A Day

This is Hal.

He's a powerful man who has it all until one devastating business crisis shatters his sense of self. Nothing looks the same anymore. Life has lied to him or had he lied to himself? He's a man who thought he'd lost it all at the boardroom table that day, only to discover he'd been robbed a long time ago. His ego had hijacked his priorities and the wreckage he was looking to blame that career misstep on, was his own.

He needed time and space to master the control of self that he'd lost. The only problem with this planned shutdown and method of healing was the greater possibility of failure if he didn't get it right.

The way he saw it? He was a guy in need of a miracle if he hoped to reclaim his greatest asset.

The one woman who was the catalyst for his personal strength.

His very ticked off wife...


"I'm not sure we should try again, I'm pretty pissed off at you."

She almost missed his pleased surprise. It was only there for a second, before he said, "You used to yell at me when you got mad."

"True. Maybe my different is I'm not so volatile."

"That would be a shame." Uh-oh, his voice was low and she recognized the devilish light in his eyes when he added, "We used to love making up after a fight. You'd get all snippy and walk around the bedroom half-dressed just to drive me crazy and I'd pretend like I didn't notice."

Didn't notice? She arched a brow at him, waiting, and then winning the round when he grinned.

"But you'd notice my, ah...enthusiasm."

"Is that what we're calling an erection these days?"

His grin widened.

"Doesn't matter, I suppose." She gave him a tight smile. "There won't be any strip teases from me. I hope that's not why you came."

"I came to see the kids, enjoy Christmas, and grovel a little. I didn't expect you to prove a feminine point, until mid-January."

She wanted to laugh. The fucker was a charmer. No doubt about it, and now that she knew she had somewhat of an upper hand and some room to punish him before she got what she wanted? She was good with it.

"Are you going to leave me hanging or what? How broke are we without the company stocks in our portfolio?"

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Riley - who is busy writing...

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