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Updated: Sep 1, 2023


Well… here it is. The new website. *Looks around* I happen to like it. It took me a while to build. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new technology? Heh.

As you will see, if you have a look around, I have a bunch of work published and a whole pile ready to be published. Can’t wait for all that. The next two weeks are going to be used to test out the new place and see how I fit in it. I’d be shocked if there weren’t a few glitches. I may be the old dog who learned the barest minimum of what I needed to learn to get this puppy up and running, but I’m still Riley which basically means I did it my way and something interesting might happen.

*Looks right at you*

Imma staying to find out, I’ll tell you that. 😊


*rolls up sleeves to get back to work*

I have a number of new contemporary romance stories coming out. This one is a lot of fun. It’s about Deararc Blue. They call her Derek Blue and she’s written this smoking hot erotic romance novel that’s been picked up by Hollywood.

Eastin Jagger is the lead ( a true Dom and her hero) she’s chosen to play the part. He does a great job acting until she tells him she's worried he's not coming through dominate enough. That's when he decides the only way to convince her she's wrong in to show her.

I’ve had such a great time writing this one. I can’t wait to get it in front of readers.


She’s an erotic romance writer who nails the relationship on the page.

He’s a popular actor who agrees to do her movie because of it.

She’s out of her element consulting in her first Hollywood gig.

He’s ready to take advantage of the fact.

And she lets him… 😊



I’ve written a series about The First Witch of Evergreen. It’s called The Final Enchantment. This is highly erotic, and so much in keeping with the exploration of the dominate and submission relationship, only seen through the eyes of a woman who has the power to shift power at a whim, but chooses not to once she’s met her smoking hot hero.

A Warlock who is captivated by her quirkiness one minute and her attention to taking down undesirables in the next.


“No thank you. If you are going to stay in these parts, you might want to build your own structure.”

“No, I’ll help you.”

He sounded different. And…? His eyes had changed color. What was this HE? “Heath of Cliff did they bestow upon you magic of some kind? I don’t hate you as much as I did when you first walked in unannounced and unwelcomed to my private shelf.”

“Hate is such a strong word, but then so is magic. I’m a Warlock to your Witch. The HE to your SHE. I’m the man for your woman and the animals have put in a decree.”

This made her smile. Hearing her language spoken in the right vein always did. “The animals might be able to boss you around, Heath of Cliff. They can’t do the same to me. I am their Queen and a delightful one.”

“I won’t argue with you there. I find you most agreeable to look at. A beautiful mouth to gaze upon when still.”

The way he stared at that part of her made her breathless. A hot, hunter’s stare he had. Even if his words were directly meant to insult her. There were only so many ways for a man to tell a woman she was more comely when silent, and he’d just used the most basic one as a soft reprimand.

(End of Excerpt)



New Releases:

This is Hal and Zara’s story.

This is Ben and Daisy’s story

I have a number of other projects almost ready. If you want to check them out, see the book trailers, or read the odd chapter of one please click on the BOOKS tab and then click the ALMOST SHINY tab.

So happy to be back up and running.

Thanks for stopping by!


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