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 This is Xendare and his woman, Breena's  story.

She was just about to get up when she remembered her cell had beeped a little while ago. She sat back down and checked the text.


  I was wondering whether you'd be available this Friday for dinner. Xendare.


She examined his odd name and couldn't help texting back.


Sure. I do have a question. Is your name pronounced Zen Dare or Exendair?


It's pronounced Master X. The X is pronounced Ex. See you on Friday. I'll be by to pick you up at six-thirty sharp.

He certainly was a testy fellow. She liked it.

Erotic contemporary
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He turned to speak to her, but she’d disappeared. The perks of a hologram. He knew she’d hear him no matter where she was. “Okay, I’ll bite. What kind of cabinet? A desktop as opposed to a hologram?”

“No...” Had she changed her audio? She sounded very, very, feminine. Too feminine, it was giving him ideas. “This is the cabinet I’ve chosen.”

Automatically, his eyes closed, and an image flashed behind closed lids. It was a wisp of a picture before it tuned in, becoming very clear. Crystal clear. Perfect.

He almost whistled.

Sassy, sexy, and just his type.

“I knew you’d like it.”

His eyes snapped open as he stared off into the darkened half of space. She knew? His eyes narrowed. “You keeping tabs on what kind of woman I like?”

Erotic Space/time travel
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Bane of my Existence

 This is Q and his woman, Drake's story.


"I mean to make you mine."


Slowly she put down her goblet. "Oh? Am I to be a challenge then?"




"I can see no other reason for a man who rebuffs the female population so brilliantly to want to change that kind of infamy."


He stared right at her. " I didn't changed it, my lady. You did."


She held his gaze and her breath until he whispered, "The moment you walked through my castle gates."

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         Erotic Historical 
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