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Do you know?

I’ve said before that romance each day starts in the morning and ends when you go to bed.

In terms of a story, it starts with the first line and never really ends. Why? If you’ve done your job as an author correctly, the reader and even the author will be in love with those characters that carry you through to either imagining their happily ever after, or the friends they traveled the pages with getting their own stories. But what makes romance a romance?

*I’m eyeing you*

You got any ideas?

It’s not just about a lover-like relationship. Remember when I said some of the best romances in history were the new ones between countries, the people, their leaders or animals getting along? Remember the Pandas in the eighties? No? They introduced the American one to the Japanese and a whole era of Panda love was born.

The union brought in a connection we hadn’t had before.

So, what I think it is – don’t laugh – I think it’s energy. Plain and simple. The thrill, the newness, the exhilaration of looking forward not back. The smiles and laughs. Oh, there’s work and serious stuff too, but what keeps the unshakable buoyancy of a romance afloat is the ‘happy’.

Sometimes you need to anchor that flight or topsail with some sad, but for the most part I’d be confident believing that the sad has no way to get in when the happy creates a good barrier of energy to keep it out.

Probably why I romance the day right when I get up. I have no expectations, but I’m always happy to greet the morning, rain or shine.

*Leans in to whisper*

Rainy days are my fav. It’s a good day to write. Well...and, the car gets washed, I don’t have to water the plants, and those solicitors knocking at my door are nonexistent.

You see?

What’s not to fall in love with?

What’s your definition of romance? Strictly a couple or do you broaden your horizons with a concept that was never meant to be defined by two lovebirds?

As always, thanks for stopping by!



Here’s the way my hero Xendare romances his heroine Lane in my upcoming release, LAND ME

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