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Meet Alley-Hand-Row. This magnificent beast is our smoker and until yesterday, he was placed quite nicely under our tree that sides along our tree house deck. I showed you guys already, but this is it.

Now I was very happy with this arrangement. I love my Mexican smoker. The kids do too. The smoke comes out of his nose and they laugh. It’s awesome.


Imagine my surprise when cranky contractor tells me he’s moving my beast (it’s really our beast as I bought it for a Mother and Father’s Day gift for us in lieu of two separate gifts) but the point is, he wants to move it.

Where you may ask? Well under the deck to go with his man-cave BBQ ground terrace-type patio he’s building in his spare time.

*Blink, blink*

I’m wondering who signed off on him having free time when my last bath isn’t completed, but anyway. There I am trying to figure out what I can say to change his mind. I really like to see Alley-Hand-Row under the tree when I drive up the drive, you know? Yet…if I think about the space under the tree house deck with all the other BBQ stuff there, he’d be right at home.

So, while I was pondering whether I should agree or not, the decision was made. Mr. Cranky Contractor robbed me of my decision making process without a blink.

Annnd, when I tackled him on it, what did he say? “I keep my friends close, but my enemy closer.”

There’s me. “Ah…what?”

“I see the way you look at that guy. You’re always talking him up, too. In fact, I think you spend too much time drying him off after the rain and you’re always telling the kids about him. Now he’s part of my crew under roof and away from all that can damage him and you won’t have to fuss over him anymore.”

Yeah, there’s me narrowing me eyes at that. “No one will see him under there.”

“Exactly. He will serve his purpose without the arrogance.”

I’m still leery, you know, because this is strange. “Did one of the neighbors make a comment?”

He shook his head. “No, they like the guy.”

“So you just want to have a smoker that you can use even when it’s raining?”

“Something like that.”

Hm. The man walked off and there I am thinking. Hey. I didn’t even complain about him making this decision. I should have focused on that. What a strange dude. Alley-Hand-Row isn’t arrogant. He doesn’t have to be. He’s a statement piece. Haha!

Someone is jealous of my smoking hot beast!

I’m taking ribs out tomorrow for dinner. I think I’ll offer to cook them too. 😊


As always. Thanks for stopping by!


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