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I Had A Dream

Red hair that turns blonde
Tinker Bell Seismic Raptor Superhero

Boy did I ever!

*Mild disclaimer here* I dream a lot. Mostly Super-human stuff. Flying, saving worlds, inventing new planets that have interesting people that actually like to chat with earthlings. Just stuff like that.

I make that disclosure because, well, when I tell my cranky contractor about my latest night movie this morning, he’s surprised. Let me know if you are too.

Here’s the tagline if it were a book.

Held hostage Superhero woman is forced to live the dreams of the free people so they can experience her unique imagination colors.


Seriously. In this dream, I was literally walking with a pile of energy jailors (the free people) who’d promised their people a good time. Only my energy field was so angry being caged—that every time we came across the people ready to illegally soak up the colors of my imagination, they’d be forcibly pushed aside or totally collapsed.

*Looks right at you*

I have nothing to do with it. It just happens as I walk by them and when I try to explain to cranky contractor that this means something big, he pretty much told me I was nuts and should stop drinking that bottle of water before I went to bed.

Water, people. Seriously? That’s the problem? I may start quaffing a Fresca for a nightcap to see how that works.

Anyways, I finally figured out by the end of this very chronological dream extravaganza, that although I was being dragged around by these dream pirates, I was trying to save them. Or, at least, warn them. There’s me calling to those we approached to step away, because something was going to happen to them and it wasn’t me consciously doing it.

*Leans in to whisper* Truth be told, the visuals on that collapsing thing for those that are presumably doing something to me they shouldn’t be in the dream, are awesome. Very, very, detailed. Scary-cool to look at.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I woke up with this whole idea about life beyond the brick and mortar of where I live. Mind you, as cranky contractor pointed out, it isn’t great. What, with being held hostage for someone else to enjoy my imagination mojo at the moment? Yeah, it’s not a stellar position to be in for a creative individual. Any individual.

But, then, cranky contractor says, “Only you’d be warning the enemy.”

“I know, right? Weird. I just figure they are weaker than I am. That must be it. I’m nice like that.”

Dreamer's Revenge
MS. Nice a.k.a Tinker Bell Raptor Seismic Superhero with color changing hair

“Okay Ms. Nice. What kind of Superhero are you?”

“Judging by the way my flying has improved I’d say a Tinker bell raptor with seismic adjustment. I didn’t want to brag, but I can make myself taller with really no effort at all - if I have to. Like way taller than you.”

“Jesus. Glad that doesn’t happen in real life. It’s the only edge I have on you.”

He didn't really just say that?

And there’s me thinking…

Really? The only one?

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Oh, and if you feel like sharing a Superhero dream feel free. Mine are epic. We can commiserate. Haha.


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