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Cranky Contractor Strikes Again…but Riley only shrugs

Picture this. It’s late evening and I have just finished working on a Freelance project that I am really enjoying, when I hear the growl.

“You are going to have come in here and relay.”

*Looks at you* I just finished working and now I have to work?

“Relay, what exactly?”

“The electrician is checking lines. I have to man the box. Just tell me what he says when he says it.”

I sit in our kitchen lounge area and put my feet up. “Okay.”

Hey, I figured it was a good place to be to hear both of them. And it was.

“Jesus #@%$#! Christ!” I relay - to which I receive a reply from cranky.

“Very funny. Pay attention.”

Problem was, I was paying attention. Man, these two guys were both…how can I say? Not delightful. But in their defense I would have to say, that it was later in the evening and—

“What did he just say?” Cranky demands.

Oh no. I wasn’t paying attention. I have no idea. Best to fib, right? “I couldn’t make it out.”

So there’s dirty, sweaty, and aggravated, Mr. Cranky himself marching out of the electric box room. He’s heading north but he’s staring straight at me when he asks, “Are you enjoying yourself?”

I wasn’t to tell you the truth.

I shrugged. “What? I can’t help it if his voice is garbled.”

“And yet when I stand in the hall here,” He made the funniest motion like he was one of those Price Is Right models, flapping his arm up and down, “I hear him crystal clear.”

The look on his face, when I said, “Oh. You wanted me to get up?”


How’s your day going?

As always, thanks for stopping by!


P.S. Contracting is not my business. I write for business and I design for our contracting business. I DO NOT wish to learn their language or be involved in the relaying of said language. That is all. 😉

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